2021 Mazda 6 is more than just a Pretty Car to Own

Mazda 6 a sedan, which for years has been known for its outstanding looks. However, the new 2021 version offers much more to owners than just a pretty exterior. The powerful 4-cylinder along with other performance aspects makes this vehicle offer refinement ride for all. It is one of the best vehicles currently in the mid-size sedan category that people are purchasing from Moreno Valley Mazda dealership.

Apart from its outstandingly elegant look, it sports a powerful engine that offers ideal performance and more. When talking about this vehicle apart for its look a few specifications require mentioning explicitly. These consist of:

  • Engine
  • 2021 models
  • Spacious interior
  • Fuel efficiency

Look at these in detail!

  1. 2.5L engine

The standard engine which is fitted under Mazda 6’s hood is a 2.5L responsive 4-cylinder engine. It creates 187 hp, while the 2.5L turbocharged engine produces 250 hp; it is the one which is most selected by buyers. The turbocharged option has 320 ft-lbs torque; however, it requires people to use premium fuel.

Both these superior engines are teamed with automatic 6-speed transmission is ideal for getting correct gear whether a driver wants to upshift for stable cruising or downshift for additional oomph.

With fluid controls and steady handling, above average satisfaction for driving is guaranteed by this vehicle. Moreover, it offers the thrill of driving without any reduction in ride quality or refinement. Also, absolute grip when braking and low tire noise along with minimal cabin noise makes it an excellent ride for all to purchase.

  1. Different 2021 trims of Mazda 6

Mazda 6 comes in different versions that start from Sport, price of which is $25,270 and another base variant includes Touring with a cost of $27,870. Next in mid-tier section of Mazda 6 comes Grand Touring and Grand Touring Reserve, price of these are set at $30,970 and $33,470 respectively. At last, for higher-end models trims available comprise of Carbon Edition and Signature; for these one will have to spend $33,745 and $36,695 respectively.

People either opt for the Grand Touring or Signature models chiefly. However, you can choose a trim whichever suits your requirement when in Mazda dealer Moreno Valley.

  • Spacious interior

When looking at the cabin of the things which people notice is the ample space that is available inside. Passengers and drivers can seat comfortably without any issue that makes travelling for longer duration a much easier aspect when you have a Mazda 6. Plus its refined interior with modern and updated features makes it quite the car to have.

  1. Fuel efficiency

Though, it doesn’t have a hybrid option like other cars in this segment, it offers a fuel efficiency that rivals need to catch up to. In cities this sedan will offer 26 mpg and 35 mpg on highway. However, the turbocharged version will provide one with 23 mpg in city and on highway 31 mpg.

Therefore, it is not hard to understand why this vehicle is considered to have more than just amazing looks and interior. Get your trim today!