A brief intro to protective films

Picture this: You buy a new car. The paint is glossy and fresh. Do you want that to go away? Well, neither do we. This is why we’ve come up with an innovative, cutting edge solution that ensures that your paint doesn’t wear off. Nobody likes the appearance of cracked, dilapidated paint and our product can shield the paint from the brutal onslaught of Nature’s forces. 

Can you imagine having a lamborghini and driving through a highway while you’re suddenly stuck in the middle of a hailstorm? Or a high speed biker colliding against your vehicle? 

Just the thought of it is every driver’s nightmare! The cost of damage repair, especially in luxury vehicles is preposterously high. This could have been easily avoided by paint protection film. 

Paint protection film is in simple terms but it also goes by many other names like clear bra, invisible shield, clear wrap, rock chip protection, car scratch protective film etc. It is made from a certain kind of plastic known as urethane that has the quality of elasticity, which makes it very convenient to apply in all the components of a vehicle. It can be stretched, bent, and pulled around the curves.

Owing to its high impact resistance, the protection film can guarantee that the paint doesn’t crack with the impact of outside elements like road debris (tar particles) and rocks. It is also immune to the effect of chemical corroding like acid. This will protect the pain from deterioration that can be caused by bird droppings, acid rain and mineral deposits. The protective film has properties that can shield the paint from the damaging effects of sunlight like UV rays which can make the paint fade and change in color. 

It Is also made up of elastomeric polymers that has a somewhat- shape shifting property that can also bring it back to its natural shape. So, if your car has had a beating, the film has the ability to absorb the damage like cuts and scratches and return to its original unblemished self, as it was, prior to the adversity. 

It has a warranty of years to come. So, if you can protect your car paint with a coating, then why put off something like that?

There are plenty of brands like Sun tek, PM Scotchgard and Proshield car protection film