Car Guard Elijah Norton Administration Offers A Full Range Of Affordable Automotive Protection Plans

The COVID-19 pandemic has impeded the growth of the business across several sectors and niches. What was once commonplace has rapidly become obsolete in countless industries. This, of course, is the promise of greater revenue and profits via guaranteed work and making connections each day. While the virus continues to impact the globe on a scale never before seen, there is hope in the form of steadiness and consistency.

CarGuard Elijah Norton is an industry leader in cost-affordable automotive protection plans. With multiple levels of coverage, the company provides reliable insurance for drivers that have sustained losses due to coronavirus. Along with Bryan REO CarGuard, the team is committed to excellence in helping new and existing customers find the automotive protection plans they need. Whether for new drivers, seasoned drivers, or pre-owned or new vehicles, there is a plan for everyone at CarGuard.

The Platinum Deluxe Plan sits at the top of the heap with excellent coverage for automotive parts and services. In fact, the plan offers optimal coverage for engine repairs, maintenance, or replacements. It also protects Turbo, Supercharge, drive axle, transmission, transfer case, and steering/powering steering. Your vehicle’s electrical components, fuel system, A/C, cooling system, gaskets, seals, and rear/front suspension is also covered. This is one of – if not the most comprehensive auto protection plan on the market today.

Bryan REO Elijah Norton stands by the dedication and excellence of CarGuard employees and team members. Each staff member has intricate knowledge of all plans to assist clients in a timely, professional manner. The Platinum Deluxe Plan converts to Powertrain at 125K miles. Similarly, the Platinum Plus Plan becomes Powertrain Plus at 100K miles. The Platinum plans are ideal for new car protection all the way to 125-150K miles. With new drivers on America’s roads each day, it is crucial to protect your vehicle across the board.

CarGuard also features the Gold Deluxe Plan, which covers your car’s engine, supercharge, drive axles, turbo, and transmission. There is also protection for the transfer case, steering, electrical components, air conditioner/heater, fuel system, cooling system, and front/rear suspension. The Gold Plus Plan becomes Powertrain Plus at 100K miles. This plan is perfect for car coverage up to 125-150K miles and continues to receive stellar industry ratings and customer reviews.

Bryan REO CarGuard and CarGuard Elijah Norton are also proud to feature Powertrain Enhanced, Powertrain Plus, Powertrain, and Pre-Paid Maintenance Plans. The latter offers three oil changes, battery replacement, cooling system maintenance, lube jobs, and brake pads/shoes servicing and/or replacement.

As a national mobile society, the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted in fewer drivers on the roads and highways. So many cars are sitting dormant in their driveways or garages. While this is an excellent way to save on gasoline costs, dormancy can affect your car’s vital parts and components. It is still essential to have a sound, affordable automotive coverage plan in place as well.

Remember, a vehicle is one of the most important assets to have. CarGuard understands the emotional connections that owners have with their cars. This is why they offer comprehensive protection plans for car breakdowns.

These plans are easy to read, understand, and digest. There is no jargon and each coverage plan is written with the driver in mind. All CarGuard protective plans were created by experts in the Vehicle Service Contract industry with years of experience. In fact, the plans are considered pro-consumer and continue to be heralded and praised by customers and critics alike. For more information, simply contact CarGuard today or visit the link below to browse their extensive range of auto protection plans today.


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