Is An Investment In A Motorcycle Worth It?

In this fast-paced world that we live in, it is of utmost importance now more than ever to own our vehicle. The other option would be to use public means of transport and rely on them to get you everywhere. Investing in a motorcycle would therefore be worthwhile for those who not only value it but need it. Here are some benefits that buying a motorcycle:

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Motorcycles are fuel-efficient modes of transportation. Unlike cars which need a huge parking space and daily maintenance, motorcycles are not of the same cloth. They are the middle ground for those who are tired and do not wish to travel by public means of transport and for those who are too burdened with the aspect of owning a car.

2. Affordability

Cars, if not used daily, will cause a lot of financial strain on your budget. But on the other hand, motorcycles provide you with the same benefits of getting you anywhere and everywhere without those additional costs.

3. Traffic and parking advantages

Cars require 4x the space that motorcycles do. It is due to this reason that everywhere and anywhere you go you see traffic and congestion on roads. Besides the traffic, cars also require huge parking areas. Other than that, you cannot park your car anywhere as it requires a lot of space, unlike a motorcycle which can be parked in even a crowded area.

4. Thrilling Riding Experience

Riding a bike has a unique riding experience that no car can offer you. The open-air feeling, rushing through the roads and sense of freedom are unparalleled and cannot be matched.

5. Community experience

When you buy all kind of motorcycle (รับซื้อมอไซค์, term in Thai) you not only take over the ownership of the bike but also get a ticket into the community. By buying a bike you involve yourself in the whole community. Group rides, rallies and trips are organized by such communities which provide opportunities for socializing and even might provide opportunities for long-lasting friendships.

6. Compact and Versatile

Motorcycles are compact and can fit into the narrowest of roads. Cars are large in size so car owners might not only have to take longer routes but some roads are only accessible for small compact vehicles. Motorcycles are very versatile in nature and this makes them ideal for travelling and going for off-road adventures.

7. Reduced Environmental Impact

With the technological advancements in the automobile industry, there are new motorcycles which are not only fuel efficient but also operate on batteries. They are thus environmentally friendly in nature as they do not emit gases and contribute to a reduced carbon footprint.

8. Improved Mental Health

There are studies which state that riding a motorcycle can be a stressbuster for some people. This positive feeling might be due to the concentration and focus it requires to ride safely and the feeling of wind on your face.


In summary, it is important to note that while there are numerous advantages to owning a motorcycle, there are certain responsibilities attached to it too. If you are a safe rider, then this will definitely prove to be a smart investment decision for you.