The important things to know about UAE driving license category 4

Obtaining a driver’s license in the United Arab Emirates has always been a difficult task. The approach has also generated dread among locals now that the virus is in place. Driving schools have reopened around the city, allowing citizens to continue courses. However, as part of the precautionary steps, a few things have altered. To keep students and staff safe, driving schools have implemented a number of preventive steps. Here’s a comprehensive summary of everything you’ll need to know about getting a uae driving license category 4. Meanwhile, did you know that Dubai is the world’s second-best city for driving?

The following are the steps used to learn how to drive a car:

  • Creating a traffic file in one of the emirate’s registered driving school
  • Conducting an eye examination at any traffic department-approved location
  • Taking all of the requisite driving classes
  • Having passed all of the exams issued by the relevant traffic department

The UAE driving license can soon be swapped into a British version after being obtained from the traffic authorities. Are you curious as to how? Motorists who pass their driving test in the United Arab Emirates can now swap their license for one issued in the United Kingdom. Motorists with a UAE driver’s license do not need to retake their exam if they relocate to the UK under the new guidelines. Isn’t it fantastic? Continue reading to learn more!

What Is The Procedure For Obtaining A Licence In The United Arab Emirates?

A citizen or a resident must apply to a recognized driving institution in the relevant emirate, complete driving instruction lessons, and pass all examinations in order to obtain a new driver’s license (if required). For citizens, GCC nationals, and other nations, after completing all lessons and passing all exams, the applicant can obtain a new driving license that is good for two years. Applicants can begin the procedure at one of the authorized driving schools.

Who Is Eligible To Drive In The United Arab Emirates?

Individual customers, citizens, and residents who are over the legal driving age and medically fit are entitled to apply for a driving learning permit and a new driver’s license. The minimum age to receive a driver’s license varies depending on the vehicle for which the license is being obtained. The following is the minimum age requirement:

  • Motorcycles and cars for persons with special needs have a 17-year warranty.
  • Cars and light vehicles must be 18 years old.
  • Heavy trucks and tractors have a 20-year warranty.
  • Buses have been around for 21 years.

What Documents and Procedures Are Required?

The following documents are necessary to access a traffic file:

  • a copy of your passport and a copy of your visa page
  • 2 photos emirates ID card (copy and original)
  • Report on an eye examination
  • The sponsor has not written an objection letter (if required by the related traffic department).


Motorists with a UAE driver’s license can use it in the UK for up to a year before applying for a British license, as per prior restrictions. In the United Kingdom, obtaining a driver’s license may cost up to AED 5000.

The new law, on the other hand, eliminates the requirement for UAE drivers to apply for a new license while in the UK. The new policy will benefit UAE students studying in the UK, long-term visitors to the UK, and UK ex-pats working in the UAE who want to return to their home country. It will cost AED 223 to exchange a UAE driver’s license for a British one.