3 Mistakes You Should Avoid while Hiring an Interstate Car Shipping Company

The most challenging part when you’re moving to another state or buying a car from a different state is to find the right car transport company.


Interstate car transport seems to be a quite difficult task. However, if you take the necessary precautions, it should not be as difficult as you think.

Here is a list of common mistakes you should avoid while hiring a car shipping service to send your beloved car to another state.

1. Think that the Cheapest Service is the Best One

Since it involves your precious possession named car, you should not consider price as a major point, but you should think of safety of your car first.

When a car transport company offers the cheapest price, understand that such companies have a bad reputation in the car transport industry.

Many of these cheap transporters are non-reputable and they don’t intend to ship your car at the specified price.

They may have offered a too low price and are having a problem transporting it in a timely manner.

After the car has not been transported for a prolonged period of time, they may call you with some excuse such as driver asking for more money, fuel costs have increased, there is a mistake in the bid etc.

Typically, they will ask for more money to transport the car due to some unpredictable expenses.

Accepting the offer of such types of companies will make you end up costing even more than a professional and reliable company which you thought costs more.

All in all, accepting the lowest quote can be a huge mistake in the long run and you should avoid it. Give priority to a company that is reliable though not the cheapest.

2. Paying a Deposit while Placing an Order

If a car shipping company asks you to pay a deposit when you place an order, be careful – they may be one of the fraudulent ones.

Their usual manner of working is that they will ask you to sign an agreement with them.

The contract will contain a fine print which may state that the deposit you pay them is non-refundable, even though your car is never shipped.

Visit and you’ll see that they won’t ask for any deposit when you’d place an order.


3. Doing No Research of the Company You Want to Hire

The simplest way to ensure that the company you are choosing to ship your car to another state is reliable is to learn about it which means you need to do some research on your own.

It’s best to find friends, family members or colleagues who have shipped their vehicles before and ask them to suggest a reliable interstate car transport company.

If you buy the car from an auto dealer, there are high chances that they have a car transporter of their own that they use regularly.

If you’ll be moving to another state, it’s a good idea to ask your removal company to transport your car or ask them to suggest a good car transport company.

Avoid these mistakes and hire a car shipping Perth to Sydney with Dazmac Logistics so that your car will reach you in a safe and sound condition.