5 effective ways to extend the life of your dream bike

Being a bike owner everyone will wish their bike to last as long as possible and it is always one of the top priorities for everyone. You always want your bike on your side and working well for long period. People may be wondering about some ways to achieve maximum longevity for their bike and this is they are extremely attached to their bike. And the other reason for this some may do not want to invest in a new one just yet due to financial reasons. Here are several tips you can use in order to ensure that your bike lasts as long as possible.

Have it services regularly

Regular service is the biggest key to keep your bike lasting long. Regular service will ensure that your bike is constantly performing to its potential. The exact frequency of how often you get its services is depends on the usage and age of your bike. Regardless of the bike, you are buying that is if you buy best bike in 100cc to 125cc or any other scooty you have to service it on a regular basis. You can take the advice of a trusted professional mechanic and have it serviced on a regular basis. When having your bike services, you need to consider the following things.

  • Lubrication of the chain
  • Regular oil changes
  • Brakes, tires, headlights, indicators and overall wiring
  • Anti-rust coat on applicable parts
  • Reliable products should be used for repairing and servicing

Avoid rash riding

Try to avoid rash riding because it can also impact your bike’s performance and longevity. Also, it is dangerous to drive your bike rashly. While driving makes sure that you are in sync when you press the clutch and switch gears. In addition, the speed of your bike must match the gear that it is. If not there will be an additional load upon the bike’s engine and such an occurrence can be problematic if it happens often. Even if you buy the best 125cc scooter you have to avoid rash riding to keep extending the life of your bike.

Manage the bike’s workload

While riding the bike, ensure not to push the bike beyond its capacity. The additional workload can negatively impact your bike’s performance. If you take long-distance trips or using them for a daily commute then it will hamper its performance in the long run. A higher workload will also result in high expenses in terms of its maintenance. If you are constantly adding your bike’s workload without any maintenance it is bound to break down.

Keep your bike clean

You have to keep your bike clean on a regular basis and keeping it clean is an essential factor in ensuring your bike’s longevity. After washing with soap water and wipe your bike regularly with cloths. Don’t allow dirt to collect on its surface or in the tread of the tyres since it will interfere with its performance.


Follow these above-mentioned tips to ensure that your bike lasts the longest. Extending your bike performance will also save your pocket from future high expenses.