Compulsory basic training at Motoden Suzuki

The Compulsory Basic Training, commonly abbreviated as CBT, refers to a learning programme that teaches how to singlehandedly ride and operate motorbikes and/or mopeds. It became a compulsory requirement for all riders in the United Kingdom right from 1990. This was intended to minimise carnage experienced on roads that were instigated by unqualified riders. Compulsory Basic Training enables drivers to legally obtain their licences after excelling in the theory and practical examination. Upon completion of CBT, it takes 2 years before its validation expires.

What you should expect.

The Compulsory Basic Training is sectioned into 5 phases that are accomplished in a one by one sequence. This means that one phase must be accomplished before you are allowed to proceed to the next phase and so forth. Proceeding to the next phase is entirely dependent on satisfying an instructor’s evaluation. The instructor’s grading is based on the skill set that should be acquired at every phase. The phases are as follows:


  • Practical Training (Onsite)
  • Practical Riding (Onsite)
  • Practical Training (On-road)
  • Practical Riding (On-road)

Upon successful completion of each phase, a certificate of completion is awarded. This is known as the DL 196. All your entitlements are included in this document, and it validates your driving licence.

However, there are special exceptions when it comes to DL 196. Upon its acquisition, the entitlements present are only valid for the next 2 years. During this timeframe, you are obligated to finalise and excel in the theory and practical examinations. If, for instance, you are unsuccessful in both exams within the two-year timeframe, then you must retake the CBT programme.

Another significant exception is that if you excel in your driving exams with a valid DL 196, or successfully pass the car exam before finalising the CBT and acquiring a DL 196, then the certificate remains valid forever. You will thus be required to retain your DL 196. This exception is majorly considered for mopeds. If you are a student that is seeking qualification to ride a motorcycle, then the DL 196 is valid for the next two years only.

Getting the most excellent training

At Motoden Suzuki, be prepared for the learning of the highest quality that will provide you with the necessary skillset and information needed to ride motor bikes and mopeds safely. Our institute is certified by the DSA (Driving Standards Agency). You will thus undoubtedly be learning and receiving instructions from highly qualified and authorised instructors.

Our institute is situated at 507 Kingsland Road, London E8, close to Scooterden. In case of any queries, contact by phone through 020-7241-1111 or email us (Tim Carmichael).

Cost of Training

Weekdays using a hire bike- £130
Weekends using a hire bike- £140

Included in the price is the bike’s cost, use of hand gloves and helmet, and insurance.
To make a reservation for the Compulsory Basic Training course, we need the motorcycle training london charges to be fully paid before you set a date for your appointment. To manage payments and to organise any special reservation, call us at 020-7241-1111. You are required to provide us with the following biodata:

  • Full name
  • Complete Address
  • Contact information (mobile and landline number)
  • Email Address

Other required information includes:

  • Both sections of your U.K driving licence
  • If you want to rent a scooter or a motorbike.
  • Whether you would like an automatic machine or a geared one in case you choose to rent a motorcycle
  • Information about your credit card, which includes the card number, date of issue, security code, date of
  • expiration and the issue number.
  • The satisfactory date and day of the week you would like to undertake the training and the possible rescheduling dates.

In case you like using your own motorbike, you will be required to bring along:

  • Cover note or original insurance certificate
  • MOT (for bikes older than 3 years)
  • Valid Road Tax
  • L-Plates; both the Rear and Front ones

We also facilitate last-minute entries for riders. Simply contact us via phone or email and so we can process your requirements.