Every New Motorcycle Rider Must Know These Things Before Riding

The feeling when you find and ride your perfect bike is unlike anything else. There is a lot of information and suggestions for a new rider which can be overwhelming. But to help and keep you and many other new riders safe on the road following is a list of things you should keep in mind before taking your bike out for the first ride. Don’t be intimidated with all the information and stories follow this guide, have fun, ride safe and you will not have to face any odd situations. Explore the links to get your safety gear and other motorcycle accessories like panniers, tail bags, backpacks, etc. more.

Above all, we hope you’ll do two things for many years after your first time: have fun, and ride safe. Read on for Everything First-Time Motorcycle Riders Need to Know.

Look where you want to go

First look on the road, secondly don’t look where you don’t want to go. For instance, if you want to avoid a manhole don’t get fixated on it instead of look on the escape route on the road. The bike will automatically go where you are looking. And finally, keep an eye far down on the road where you are going.

These things will help you be aware of your surroundings and be safer. This is very important when you are approaching and riding around the corner. So, when you approach the corner you should be looking in front not down on the road. If there is something you should avoid changing your path before riding into the corner.

Ride defensively

Read this one out. When you are on the road pretend like everyone is blind and you are the one to save yourself. Adjust your speed to keep a safe distance, keep your eyes open and on the road, reduce your speed and adjust the lanes as the corner approaches. Always ride slowly in and fast out. A lot of people aren’t looking on the road exactly or sometimes cannot see a rider. So, high visibility clothing and patches on your bike can help you stay more visible and safer.

Adjust the mirrors

Check and adjust your mirrors before starting your ride and make sure everything is fine. The mirrors should stay in a place where you adjust them. If they don’t it might be the time to get a replacement.

Pre-ride inspections

Pre-ride inspections are very important and you should do it every time before getting on the bike. Check to see if there is any bolt missing, oil leakage, broken cables, is the motorcycle luggage mounted properly, forks, etc. Turn the wheel and watch the chain move, if it has any broken or missing link get it replaced, make sure it is tight enough. Give it some time and fix the things that need repairs beforehand. Riding otherwise is dangerous.

Know your fuel capacity

Know the MPG and fuel capacity or set a trip odometer to avoid ending up in the middle of nowhere without any gas. Of course, your location matters a lot but doing so helps you avoid such situations.

Chrome gets hot.

When riding in hot weather the chrome gets hot. So, either avoid the chrome or riding when the temperature is high. In summers you can ride early in the morning or after the sun goes down. Or you can just wear protective and armored gloves, which will also protect your hands from abrasions.

Know motorcycle laws

Know the laws before riding the bike, this helps you get ready and avoid fines. Getting a fine on the very first ride on your new favorite motorcycle ruins the joy and fun. The rules vary a little from state to state but nothing to worry about, as you can get what you need on the state’s website. Make sure to have a good lock and be ready.

Check your fluids, oils, breaks, and tire before the ride. Tire pressure and conditions are very important for a safe ride. Be sure to change the tire if it is damaged or flushed out. Check if it is not wobbly and doesn’t move left to right.