How Long Does PPF Last?

How Long Does PPF Last

PPF is a great way to protect your home and investment. The question many homeowners have, however, is how long does PPF last? There are some factors that will affect the lifespan of a PPF coating.in this article we will discuss from what is PPF to how long it last and how you can maintain its coating for longer.

What is Paint protection film?

It is a type of coating that protects paint surface from being scratched or damaged by objects such as sharp rocks flying through the air at high speeds in case of an accident, and thus extending the life of the car. It also protects against some kinds of vandalism, such as key scratching. Paint films are typically available in clear (transparent) or tinted variations (to match the color of your vehicle).

How long does paint protection film last?

Depending on the quality of the Paint Protection Film in Atlanta that you have got done, it can last anywhere from 5-10 years, depending on your geographical location and climate (altitude). Durability also depends on usage patterns:

  1. If a car is only driven at highway speeds during mild temperatures, then a cheaper grade of product may be sufficient to last the life of the car.
  2. If a car is used for daily city commutes, then a more expensive and longer lasting film will be needed.
  3. If a car is driven in dusty or heavily polluted areas or has only clear paint coatings (without an applied basecoat/clearcoat), the films will have to be replaced more often.
  4. If a car is only driven during the day in dry weather, a film may last longer than five years. At night and during wet/cold weather, expect 5-10 years of protection.

How to make your PPF last long?

  1. Never use abrasive car washes/clay bars
  2. Wash the car regularly with a quality car shampoo. Rinse it fully and dry it quickly to avoid water spots/static electricity. If you do get water spots, polish them out with a good swirl remover before polishing/waxing.
  3. Use a good quality car shampoo during washing.
  4. Use an interior cleaner on your dash and seats to keep them free of grime/dust that can scratch the film over time. A dirty surface will attract more dirt and wear faster than a clean one. (Tip: turn off the vehicle air conditioning before cleaning your dashboard or you’ll leave water marks)

Benefits of using paint protection film

    1. Durable surface to help protect car paint from scratches and fading due to weathering
    2. Prevents rock chips and other environmental damage which can result in decreased value of the car, a costly repair or replacement of damaged parts
    3. One time application for lifetime protection and design flexibility (no waxing or washing to maintain the film)
    4. No paint line effect (film fully conforms to surface contour)
    5. Increased resale value of the car
    6. Newer technology films have self-healing and bug and stain resistance properties. This means that they are more durable against contaminants such as acid rain, bug splats etc.

Car Protector Film in Atlanta are a relatively new concept that has been used in the aviation and marine industries for several years. It has only recently become available to car owners as a vehicle enhancement product that can also provide accident prevention benefits at little or no additional cost. With proper installation, these products have great potential to help prevent damage and keep your paint looking new for longer.