How to overcome common two-wheeler problem:

All the two-wheeler owners, at some point in time, come across a problem with our machines. Usually, all experienced a common problem during the two-wheeler start, especially if starting late after a certain period of delay. It can be various reasons for these problems. So here are a few tips about how to overcome the most common problem of your two-wheeler.

Two-wheeler braking problem:

The brakes are an essential part of any two-wheelers. There are two kinds of brake: drum brake and the other is disc brake controlled by hydraulic fuel. If you are facing a braking problem in the disc brake, you need to see the brake cable. If it is old, you should change it. It may rust inside and tangle when you are braking. If you are using drum brakes, then it is better not to ride aggressively for a very long time. More braking means the pads will get hotter and expand more which can result in poor braking. Bangladesh is one of the countries where you can get suitable two-wheeler there. So the scooty price in Bangladesh are easily affordable for everyone.

Clean carbon deposit:

If you own a bike that has been ridden for over 30,000-50,000 km, a possible reason for low efficiency could be carbon deposit on the piston and other components. The reason for the carbon deposition is the low-quality fuel. So try to clean the carbon deposition on and often when it is needed.

Battery change:

Two-wheeler batteries have a relatively short life span. Best advice to make sure that you are charging your battery after very long ride. The battery may run out of acid, which must have reduced its efficiency. If you notice that the starter works once you start riding for a long time but doesn’t works in the morning, get the battery acid level checked. Your two-wheeler charges the battery as you ride, so keep it filled up at the first signs of note.

Avoid cheap parts:

In case the part of your two-wheeler goes bad, avoid replacing it with cheap parts. Always it is recommended to use the original piece. If you use the actual part for your two-wheeler, it will come for a more extended period so you may not change the parts very often. Bangladesh is one of the countries which prepare spare parts of the two-wheeler on their own, and the spare parts will be in good condition. So the scooty bike in Bangladesh has an original piece which comes for a more extended period.

Low engine oil:

Running engine oil on low can lead to severe damage to the engine components and in some cases can result in seized pistons and other parts. If there is any leak of engine check it immediately by the mechanic and if possible, tighten all the bolts around the area where it leaks. Check the oil level for every 2,500 kilometres and top up if needed.

Bottom line:

The details mentioned above will be useful to overcome your common two-wheeler problem. So try to follow these tips and make a healthy ride in your two-wheeler.