Important Two Wheeler Insurance Facts

With life becoming increasingly fast paced and cities becoming narrow-lane, having a bike can make commute an easy affair. However, riding a bike can be risky and safety should be a priority concern for every rider. While wearing a helmet is a good tip, wearing a sturdy and solid helmet adds an extra layer of protection. Similarly, while having bike insurance is a necessity, buying the right bike insurance is walking the extra mile to ensure safety both on and off the road.

Here are a few two-wheeler insurance facts to help you choose the right bike insurance:

1. Bike Insurance is a Legal Necessity

Under the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019, every two-wheeler owner must have a minimum Third-Party insurance cover. Riding an uninsured vehicle is an offence with a fine of up to ₹4000 or imprisonment of up to 3 years.

2. Choose between a Third Party Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance

A Third Party insurance provides a minimum cover covering damages and liabilities in case of accident by third party and has a lower premium rate. However, it does not offer coverage in case of a personal accident or natural/manmade calamity.

A Comprehensive insurance covers the third party liabilities along with personal accident and own damage (OD) liability. The premium is reasonably high with options of extending coverage for add-ons like co-rider insurance, roadside assistance etc.

3. Read up on the various insurance terms Online

There are various factors which affect a bike insurance policy and most of us are not always clear about these terms. Before purchasing a policy, take some time to read about these factors which affect policy rates to make an informed decision. Many policy websites explain terms like IDV, No-Claim Bonus which are relevant for buying bike insurance online and help you avail a solid policy at the right price.

4. You can Buy Bike Insurance Online

Buying and renewing bike insurance online is a hassle-free way to ensure safety for you and your bike. With many insurance providers offering this service online, you can compare premium rates, talk to experts, read up on the terms and get a bike insurance quote almost instantly. The process is simple, convenient and absolutely safe.

 5. Advantages of Buying Bike Insurance Online comes with Additional Benefits

You can get a bike insurance quote online simply with your vehicle registration number and personal mobile number. Almost all insurance providers offer online purchase over their websites or mobile applications. Buying insurance online saves you the trouble of standing in  long queues and saves your money by offering the best deals and discounts on premium rates. You can avail services like round the clock claim assistance and cashless garages and choose a holistic policy which fits your budget. All your insurance queries can be resolved in a quick and friendly manner with experts 24×7.

The right bike insurance policy can be an extra shield of protection for you and your loved ones. So, get online and get an instant bike insurance quote today!