Motorbikes Choices You Can’t Miss Simply

The motorcycle license takes place with one event on a plateau and another on the road. He prepares himself with the same balance between courses on plateau and circulation. In theory, out of the twenty compulsory practical hours, twelve hours must be made in circulation. In many cases, you will spend all your time on the set and you will have the right to three hours of sloppy traffic. Admittedly, it is a forbidden practice, in theory, but unfortunately realistically in practice.

The result is simple: the board may be successful on the first try, but you will have every chance of getting into traffic. Not to mention that you will not have learned the essential: to know how to roll, brake, avoid on the road, in real conditions.  With the below motos bmw usages  you will be satisfied to a great extent.

Kawasaki VerSys X 300

Forgotten in our country with very low sales volumes, the smaller VerSys can be a great option when choosing your first bike. This, because of its versatility (remember that VerSys = Versatile System), it’s very low consumption and easy handling. It will just pass beyond its particular aesthetic.

Like its big sisters, the VerSys 300 is not a machine that spontaneously comes to mind … And yet! With its attractive price and proven mechanics, it is a reasonable choice for those looking for a motorcycle that offers versatility on a daily basis.


A fighter equipped with the latest technologies, the F850GS offers equipment and possibilities that do not have much to envy to its big sister 1250GS especially when you take into account the weight of the latter. Lighter, the 850 is more suitable for young motorcycle licenses who would like to learn the off road, while offering a much larger capacity to travel than the small G310GS. With a minimum of option, the price rises quickly, especially for a first machine. However, impossible to be disappointed.

No doubt: the real little GS is her! Between her true off-road skills, her fighter look and her long arm-length options, she continues a tradition dear to BMW. Well, we are not going to lie, its important ground clearance does not allow my meter 75 to keep both feet on the ground. In addition, each option selected will push up an already salted bill.

Suzuki V-Strom 650 (DL 650)

Equipped with the engine of the illustrious SV650 that no longer has to prove itself, the V-Strom is a machine ready to embark the end of the world (or almost) with weapons and luggage, without flinching. Not the prettiest, and sometimes forgotten by young people, it is yet an excellent machine reliable, robust and versatile.

Not really sexy, the Suzuki V-Strom 650 yet has the full range of trail, able to think outside the box. Indeed, with its duckbill, powerful optics and large wheels, go on an adventure does not do not be scared! True icon, its V-Twin engine is a treat to use. And know that a version called XT, more equipped, is available in the catalog. For 700 € more, you access a machine with radiated rims, hand guards and an engine shoe. The must for the adventurers.