Motorcycle Touring Riders Rookie Mistakes You Should Be Avoiding

Before putting a lot of miles under your belt you should be working on riding fundamentals. Because if you have a strong base, of course, the structure on it would be durable. If you are looking here and there to know some tips and tricks to make your riding and motorcycle tours better then this is the right place.

There are a lot of common mistakes that rookie motorcycle touring riders make. Many of them are experienced travelers while others are experienced riders. Have a look at the following pointers at rookie errors and work your way to avoid them.


Finding the balance between all you need and all you can bring is difficult. It is perfected with time and trial. Overpacking can become a burden and cause less enjoyment on the trip. Everyone is different and does not have the same circumstances on a trip whether it is long-distance or not. so, you have to find the right combination for yourself which is only possible with more practice, trial, and patience.

When it comes to short distanced or weekend trips you can only go with a backpack and panniers. Even enjoy it if you are overpacked. But it is the long-distance trips that cause more trouble. You don’t have to bring 20 shirts, pants, and socks on a trip. Why? Because washing machines and washing places are located here and there. Unless you are going to travel and stay in the jungle throughout.


When trying not to overpack under packing is what happens to most of us. Just like said above, finding the right balance between what you can bring and everything you need is difficult. So, you have to be patient and try again.

The strategy of packing is also important. Meaning, is everything you need quickly packed in such a place where you can access it quickly? If you are not wearing the rain gear can you get it out and wear it on time when needed. Do you have to unpack the bag to get your undies and socks? Are dirty and clean clothes separately packed?

Motorcycle tail bags and tank bags are helpful in such cases. They can easily hold the items that need quick access to like documents, keys, rain suit. Or can be used to separate dirty clothes. These are a definite recommendation for travelers.

No cash alternate

Taking an alternative to cash and carrying extra cash and card is always a good idea. The bit you should not put it all in one place. Hide it somewhere on your bike or somewhere else where it is safe. Always do this on your trips even though you haven’t ever needed it.

No spare keys

This one is the biggest mistake. Putting all the keys in one place is a bigger mistake. When you are traveling it is common to lose a key. Carry a spare key for the bike and every lock on it.

Touring with new gear

Bought new gear just for your first tour? Or thinking to make this tour with new gear? Don’t do it! As much as you like the new gear it can become a reason for discomfort and ruin the trip. For the time being it feels comfy and good. But riding several miles and adding weather conditions on top of that and icing the cake with constant same posture sitting can make you realize otherwise. This creates a bad situation; you could not focus properly on riding and neither can enjoy it.

It is best to test it out locally. Wear it for some time on your daily commute before taking your next trip with it.