Protect Yourself from Winter and Be Comfortable While Riding Motorcycles

Riding a motorcycle is enjoyable but the weather tries to take it away from you. However, you can adjust your gear and some other stuff accordingly to be comfortable and ride safely. Today we will be talking about how you can keep yourself warm and thus, safe, attentive, and enjoy the ride. Riding in the cold does not bring any special problems unless the roads are slippery and icy.

Heated Gear

Heated gear combined with a proper layering system will help retain the warmth. Usually, one heated jacket will be enough but you can add one more if it is not enough. Heated gear will either need power from your bike or battery. Heavier bikes like cruisers can easily handle all you have to do is get a touring mount. Start with a body warmer as the bottom layer, then a warm jacket or heated jacket and one exterior layer.

Motorcycle boots with built-in heating or heated motorcycle boots will help to keep the feet from numbing. The ones that cover up properly, meaning give ankle protection and go up to at least the middle of the shin, are better. Elsewise you can get a heated sole for your boots and enjoy a warm ride.

Exterior Layering

Exterior layeringshould be waterproof and windproof to avoid cold from sneaking to the body. For the upper body, there are plenty of options available while for the bottoms you can use chaps as a mid and rain suit or trousers for the exterior layer.

Cover the head with a full-face helmet. The one which does not let air in is better. Cover the neck with a warm scarf which will avoid air sneaking into the helmet and keep your neck warm. The tighter and quitter the helmet is the better insulation it will have. But don’t wear an undersized helmet because it will cause irritation and might hinder the blood flow.

Heated Inserts

Heated inserts instead of heated gear is another option you can go for.These come in a variety that you can insert into the gloves and the larger ones that you can put into the jacket or underneath it to keep the core warm. If it is not enough you can put some on the back too and more where you need it.

Heated Grips and Seat

Usual armored or protected motorcycle gloves do help but when it gets too cold heated gloves are a better option. Add-on heated grips are also good but I like the glove or heated insert option. First, because they are cheaper and second, I don’t feel as comfortable with these. Of course, you can choose otherwise.

The heated seat helps to keep the core warm and allow better blood flow sending heat directly towards the core. This is beneficial in another way. The blood going towards the feet and legs is warm so it helps.


City commuting does not require this but on longer rides and trips this is crucial. The cold can make you forget if you are hungry and thirsty. Food intake is important but it also helps you warm up. One of the best ways is to sip on some coffee, or tea, or hot chocolate once you stop for the gas.

Check forecast

Before getting out for the ride check the weather. Prepare for the weather if you must ride now or just wait until the coast is clear. Because it’s winter it might take some time to get the coast clear though. Waterproof rain gear will protect you from water but it is best to stay dry. As water on the clothes can form ice or soak up the warmth in there. This is another reason why layering is important.