Scrap Car Removal in Whitby: Costs You Are Likely To Incur in the Process

It’s imprudent for Whitby residents to let their junk cars rot and take valuable space in their home compounds when they can pocket some cash from scrapping them. However, few Whitby car owners are aware of the potential costs associated with car scrapping. The rate listed on the quote may not be the actual price of your junk car since scrap car dealers tend to deduct certain fees to cover logistics. 

As a guide, here is an outline of the typical costs you are likely to incur in a car scrapping process as well as simple ways to reduce or eliminate the charges. 

Administrative Fees

For scrap car removal in Whitby, there is much more than filling a form on a dealer’s website and receiving a quote. To deregister you as the owner of the car and exempt you from further responsibility for your vehicle, a dealer may offer to handle the paperwork. This ranges from sending section 9 of your logbook to the vehicle and driver registering and licensing department on your behalf to awarding you with a Certificate of Destruction. However, they charge a certain administrative fee to cover the documentation procedures and other official activities undertaken during the scrapping process.

Towing Costs

Most junk car dealers state that they charge nothing to pull scrap cars to the junkyards. Nonetheless, this may not be wholly true. It’s normal for dealers to account for the towing costs before sending you their final quote. Most car owners don’t realize so as they believe the price to be the ultimate value for their scrap car.  A special case occurs when a junk dealer has to collect a junk vehicle that doesn’t have wheels. A car without wheels complicates the towing process, and the dealer may charge you additional fees to cover the extra effort and time.

Saving On Car Scrap Removal Costs

  1. Do Some Paperwork On Your Own

As mentioned earlier, junk car companies usually offer to handle the paperwork on your behalf, provided you pay some additional charges. Instead, handle the documentation procedures that you can do on your own to reduce the expenses. This includes submitting the car ownership transfer section of your V5C to the appropriate department in Canada’s Ministry of Transport. If you don’t have your V5C, you can write to the department. Be sure to include all the necessary data to allow for the de-registration and car ownership transfer. 

  1. Keep Away From Junk Scammers

Assorted dealers have a way of getting car owners to pay hidden fees. Additionally, it’s not uncommon to land an unscrupulous dealer who charges double towing fees.  It’s critical to sell your junk car to a well-reputed ATF (authorized treatment facility) that’s licensed by Canada’s environment agency. The dealer should also be registered with Whitby Town Council. Check customer reviews on the dealer’s website and social media pages. Besides, ask friends to refer you to reliable junk car buyers. Well-reputed companies are honest and don’t take advantage of the car owner’s lack of information.

  1. Keep The Wheels Intact

Whitby car owners have a habit of removing wheels from their junk vehicle without knowing what they are getting themselves into. Dealers tend to charge extra fees to tow cars without wheels to cover the process’ hassles. To get fair value for your scrap car and avoid unnecessary towing charges, keep the wheels intact.

It’s normal for scrap car removal in Whitby to extend certain costs to car owners, including hidden administrative charges, paperwork fees, and towing charges. By knowing how these additional fees come about and how to eliminate or reduce them, you are sure to obtain better value for your junk car.