Servicing Your Chevrolet Green Car

If you own a Chevrolet green car like the 2020 edition of either the Volt or Bolt, you are largely saved from the hectic maintenance schedule. That’s one of the biggest reasons why Chevrolet green cars are more popular than most of their rival models. Whether it is a fully electric car or a hybrid one, you’ll have to worry lesser than if you would have bought a regular gasoline car.

In case of a fully electric car, it will be mainly an electric motor and the batteries that you’ll have to take care of, whereas in cases of a hybrid car that combines an electric motor with a regular engine will naturally ask for more care.

So if you are on the verge of buying any of the above green cars, we’ll like to help you be prepared in terms of their maintenance needs that we’ve gathered from the Salinas Chevrolet service center.

Brushing its Overall Lifespan

The key a long lifespan of electric cars depends on the wellbeing of the motor, that might need to be brushed on time to time and be replaced eventually. But, we are happy to assure you that even this much of care won’t be required till you make your electric vehicle crossa distance of 80,000 miles.

Recharge and Replacement of the Battery

When the car runs on electric, it is the battery which is the vital part you need to take care of. It is equally important in both an electric car and a hybrid one. For this all you need to do is check out its connections, charge levels and its terminals once in every monthto ensure it is in perfect working condition. It will also be necessary to check on the water levels in the battery and top it up as and when required.

Signs of Wear in the Brakes

We do not need to explain the importance of brakes, when it comes to maintaining a car, irrespective of its type. Most manufacturers recommend the brakes of every vehicle to be checked once after covering every 20,000 miles. this rule doesn’t change in the cases of electric or hybrid cars, though the replacement of brake parts might be necessary only after a vehicle crosses the limit of 40,000 miles. in between what needs to be regularly checked is that if there is any sign of wear on any of the braking components.

Special Maintenance Requirement of Hybrid Cars

A team of mechanics whom we met and discussed about hybrid car maintenance at the Salinas Chevrolet service center explained that there is a special maintenance requirement for the hybrids as it also has a regular engine and its components under their hoods. So, if you own a hybrid car, you’ll have to take care of all the above mentioned subjects but need to add another component like the radiator and watch out its coolant levels regularly. If you find the level is below the optimum level, you should fill it up without a delay to prevent the engine from clogging up as that will have an immediate effect on the performance and mileage.