Several Styles of Cafe Racer Helmets

Helmets are a crucial component of motorcycle road safety since they can prevent significant head injuries and drastically lower fatalities in motorcycle accidents. It is because, when riding a motorcycle, our head is the most susceptible area of our body and the one that suffers the greatest damage if we have an accident. It’s not simply a safety precaution, though; several designs of motorbike helmets have increased in popularity. They’ve also become classics over the years due to their look and the style and customization they provide to the rider.

History and Evolution

Helmets don’t appear as quickly as the first motorbike since it was not fast enough to necessitate any particular protection gear such as a helmet. It was created for entertainment purposes, and the inventor had a leather cap that he wore as a form of protection, albeit it didn’t provide much in the way of protection because it wasn’t a helmet. As bikes developed faster and more advanced, the necessity for some protection became apparent. Yet, it wasn’t invented until 1935, when T.E. Lawrence, a well-known historical figure, died from a brain damage sustained in a motorbike accident.

Helmet with an open face

The Bell 500 helmet is one of the best examples of an open-face helmet. It was one of the first helmets created in the 1950s and was an instant success. It’s now known as the Bell 500 Carbon, and it has several modern safety features, but it was built to appear precisely like the one they had back then as a testament to their achievement. It is undoubtedly among most popular helmets of this era and manufacturer, with incredible features that many serious riders appreciate.

Helmet with Full Face Protection

Besides an open-face helmet, which has left its mark on various styles of motorbike helmets over the years, the Biltwell’s Gringo Helmet offers minimal protection and is very shiny. It is another retro-styled helmet that is very popular and designed to look like a few popular helmets over the years. Their 2019 collection is what got our eye, and what the brand did was make their design comparable to the type that was popular in motorsports in the 1960s while still meeting today’s safety regulations.

Flat Shield and bubble shield

In the early days, shields were eventually produced while people wore goggles with helmets for added protection against the wind, rain, and sun. Many people began to use them instead of goggles since they were more practical and easier to use. You don’t have to put on a helmet, goggles, or a scarf over your mouth and nose. Since the helmet already had a shield. At the time, it was an excellent idea, and there were two sorts of shields: bubble shields and flat shields.