The New Genesis GV80 at a Glimpse

Genesis being the luxury branch of the Hyundai was till now known for its exclusive premium luxury sedans. But when the automotive market trend is clearly showing its preference towards the crossover SUVs, even Genesis couldn’t hold back its horses.

You can hence see the Genesis logo held high on a new crossover SUV model, named GV80, that took all the right steps to redefine the crossover SUV segment, almost defying many of its so called norms and rules.

Our First Impression

At the showroom floor of the Riverside Genesis dealership, we got the opportunity to see this premium crossover SUV from a close range, that made us believe that Genesis is a brand name that will always be associated with ingenuity and out of the box moves. The 2020 Genesis GV80 can be the best of all examples to prove this point. It looks unnervingly smart, but without any frills and frolics.

But it has harped on exactly the right chord that was more than enough to  allure a bigger section of buyers than most of its closest rivals.

The exterior body of the new Genesis GV80 shows a perfect medley of high quality metal and leather, while the interior cabin of each of its trim levels, soak in subdued luxury appointments.

Latest Technology Features Enabled

Respecting the advancements that the automotive industry is witnessing every new day, Genesis held its head high by building up the GV880 models with all the latest possible technologies in every front.

It is better to start with the safety side, wherein the automaker has added a strong layer of protection to its occupants by installing aset of dual cameras to enable the blind-spot monitoring and other safety features. All this then get displayed and controlled through the digital dashboard.

The crossover shows a high level of understanding of the automaker analyzing all possible discomforts that the passengers can face. It is to avoid such distractions like communicating with each other in an easier way, that a first-to-third-row communicating intercom is installed.

The cabin on the other hand looks mesmerizing with an ambient mood lighting that makes each and every ride joyous and colorful.

To enhance the visibility level for the drivers, Genesis has also made good use of other performance oriented features. you can see the effect in the driving, as the predictive adaptive dampers in tune with the cameras can deal with the toughest of road surfaces, almost intuitively and in advance. They can literally read the road that is lying ahead and makes sure that the driver doesn’t miss out any important road instructions.

To find out the best route while heading towards a destination, the new Genesis GV80 uses the ‘active motion’  feature that is nested near the driver’s seat. The purpose of it is to instantly starts the airbag inflation between the first-two rows of seats.

Rides and Drives

Our test drive with the new Genesis GV80 at the Riverside Genesis dealership showroom, brought us back with a deeply impressed mind, believing in the fact, that even in the guise of a utility vehicle, Genesis can instill as much comfort and luxury, as it does in its luxury sedan models.