Top 5 Mahindra Tractors in India

When an Indian farmer starts thinking about a tractor, the first name that comes to his mind is Mahindra. Over the last several decades, Mahindra & Mahindra has emerged as one of the leaders for farm and agricultural equipment. The company was co-founded by J.C. Mahindra and K.C. Mahindra.

Since 1983, the brand has established itself as a leading tractor manufacturing company. In 2010, Mahindra & Mahindra became the largest selling tractor brand across the globe.

Mahindra Tractors started its journey in 1963 when the company entered into a joint venture with International Harvester to manufacture tractors in India. Since then, the brand has a large user base in India as well as other locations, like Australia, North America, and China.

Tractors manufactured by this company are popular, as these deliver high performance, durability, and strength. If you are planning to buy a tractor, here are the top five models offered by this brand:

  1. Mahindra 265DI Power Plus

This model is designed for heavy activities around the farm. It may be used for applications like disc plow, gyrovator, and cultivator. The high-tech hydraulic system makes it suitable for haulage, and the power-steering delivers top-quality performance over the long-term. Available at a price between INR 4.8 lakh to INR 5 lakh, this model offers a long engine life and low maintenance expenses. It is a 35HP model with a 2048cc three-cylinder engine and economic mileage.

  1. Mahindra 475DI

475DI is a power-packed model with a hydraulic lifting capacity of 1,500 kilograms (kgs). The 42HP four-cylinder 2730cc engine allows you to elevate various implements like plow, cultivator, and rotavator. This model is beneficial for long operational hours, as the seats are comfortably designed with easy access to the levers. Moreover, it has a power-steering facility. Priced at about INR 6 lakh, it is one of the most popular tractors in India.

  1. Mahindra 575DI

It is one of the best tractors to meet all your farming and transportation needs. The 575DI delivers 45HP and comes with the latest features. It has a powerful four-cylinder 2730cc engine, stylish appearance, and advanced technology. The model comes in manual and power-steering variants with an extra feature of parking brakes. Its approximate cost is INR 6.8 lakh.

  1. Mahindra Yuvraj 215

Yuvraj 215 is among the very first small-design tractors. It has an attractive look. This tractor is appropriate to work in fields. It helps in growing crops, like cotton, potato, sugarcane, onion, and fruits. The 15HP model single-cylinder 863cc engine does not get overheated, as it has a water-cooling cylinder. Mahindra Yuvraj 215 is available with advanced features and you can buy it at a reasonable price of INR 2.65 lakh.

  1. Mahindra 595DI

This is a low-maintenance, high-performance tractor suitable for cultivation, water pump, half cage wheel, single axle trailer, disc plow, harrow, and other applications. This 50HP four-cylinder 2523cc engine model has advanced features and costs INR 6.3 lakh.

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