What Should Someone Look For In A Used Car In Canada?

With rising housing prices across Canada comes the need for saving money whenever one can. This has resulted in no small part to more people looking to buy used cars in Canada, but not everyone is an expert in buying a used car. Here are a few tips on what to look for when looking for used cars for sale in Canada:

Do your research. – Be serious about this if the goal is to save money by buying a used car. There are bluebook prices for used cars to look into not to mention looking at websites that can give a person a true market value for a used vehicle without too much information. A used car salesman will try to get the highest price possible for it, so know its value before entering the dealership!

Get a report on the vehicle’s history.  – Paint can hide a lot of previous accidents and fender benders that have occurred over months or years. Having a history of the used car is really informative when it comes to price and to understanding what future work the car might need.

Inspect the car closely. – This means taking a good look at the car, inside and out. Look for chips, cracks, holes in the upholstery, anything that might detract from the value of the vehicle. This doesn’t mean that if a hole is found that a person shouldn’t buy, but it should be pointed out to the seller and understood if they considered the damage in the price.

Take it out for a spin! – Any person who’s going to buy a car should know if they actually like driving in it. This doesn’t have to do so much with can it drive at all, but with how comfortable a drive it is for the person looking to purchase it. A good drive means a good car, so take it for a spin!

Get the car inspected before purchasing it. – This is one of the most important items on the checklist. No matter how hard a person examines the interior and exterior, they’re not going to pick up on what a professional mechanic will, nor do they know to look for the same things.

Inquire as to what fees apply to used vehicles. – Realize that the ticket price on a car is not necessarily the final price. Yes, there are federal and provincial taxes that will apply, but people might be surprised to discover that the dealership, itself, charges certain fees when purchasing a car that actually adds to the price. This can go from taxes for filing paperwork to registration, so ask what the fees come to and don’t be afraid to ask about what they are.

Be ready to haggle. – A used car’s price is rarely set in stone, so don’t be afraid to negotiate. Just doing this can potentially save thousands of dollars. 

With all of this in hand, just remember to stay level-headed and buying that used vehicle will be a breeze!