Car Shampoo and Your Options Available Now

It is about having the right equipment and doing it the right way. The use of the car shampoo is perfect there.

The right material

Before coming to the practical phase of cleaning, you must first make sure that you have the right equipment for a successful washing operation. In terms of accessories, you need:

Two washing buckets (one with the mixture of water and car shampoo, and the other preferably with a grid placed at the bottom to be able to rid the cloth of impurities and other dirt before dipping it again in soapy water).

  • a washing mitt.
  • a sponge and a brush (for cleaning the rims and wheels).

The washing operation

Once your device is in place, soak up how to use shampoo. It should be noted that, traditionally, the product is diluted in 1 or 2 liters of water. However, some products are to be used directly without mixing with water. Here are some steps you can take for an optimal car shampoo wash:

  • take care to work out of the sun by parking your car in the shade a few hours before washing (under a high temperature, you risk cooking the soapy solution on your hot paint, which would reduce its effectiveness)
  • do the mixing of water and shampoo (or be content to open the shampoo container in case it will be used directly on the car)
  • immerse the wash mitt in the soapy mixture and apply it to the bodywork , paying particular attention to the dirt
  • by bringing it back from the bodywork, each time immerse the glove in the second bucket equipped with a grid at the bottom, to rinse it with clear water, before soaking it again with the soapy mixture made from the shampoo of car (so-called two-bucket washing method)
  • automatically rinse the cleaned surfaces (and not wait to clean the whole car before rinsing)
  • wash the wheels and rims separately , so as not to wear out the accessories used for the bodywork, but also to not transport the dirt that is there on the car
  • perform a general rinsing of the bodywork after cleaning the entire surface
  • dry everything using microfiber or chamois cloths.

Verdict: the best car wash products

As a general rule, the best car shampoo should:

  • Allow the bodywork to be thoroughly washed and all kinds of dirt removed (scrubbing)
  • Contain agents which preserve the shine of the paint and / or make it shine
  • Protect the bodywork thanks to its water-repellent effect (rinse water flow without traces)
  • Have a practical manual
  • Be relatively economical to purchase

Finally, let us specify:

that there are mainly two types of shampoos used for high pressure foam guns (karcher type): alkaline shampoos and neutral shampoos. that some shampoos also have the particularity of being biodegradable. Still qualified as ecological shampoo, they have a formula based on coconut or palm oil, without chemical additives (coloring, preservative, allergens, aggressive products).