Why SUV Driving Needs Extra Safety Measures

There cannot be any doubt tothe fact that the number of SUVs we are seeing every day on the road is more than ever. The craze for crossover SUVs is seeing an increase in the automotive market across the globe.

People are all in  favor of this rugged and practical vehicle, that not only entitles the users with a roomy seating place, but also the freedom to drive anywhere over any surface. But there is also a caveat in this apparently bright picture. We do hear about a lot of road accidents in which these SUV crossovers are involved, in comparison to other vehicle types.

Is there any particular reason behind this? One of our acquaintances serving the Forest City Buick GMC dealer explained that the SUVs being bulkier than other vehicles apparently givesthe drivers feel a false sense of security, that often make the drivers go off-guard and take wrong driving decisions. This invariably causes many unfortunate fatal accidents. according to him, this is why the automotive safety authorities recommend the SUV drivers to take the following safety measures while driving one.

Safety Considerations

The safety measures that need to be specially considered at the time of driving an SUV are:

  • Before key starting the SUV, make sure that every occupant including the driver has fastened the seatbelts.
  • The one who is sitting at the cockpit and managing the steering wheel must always obey the speed limit directed through the road signs.
  • SUVs usually have big windows that makes the occupants jetting out easily at the event of a rollover. Hence, keep the kids safely placed in the SUV, and use a car seat for infants properly fit with the seat belts to keep them safe.
  • The drivers need to adjust the rear mirrors at an angle that will give them the best view of what is happening behind, and they must keep a careful eye on them throughout the drive.

Check Out on the Braking Time Beforehand

SUVs are mostly driven by people who tend to travel in large groups. That is an excitement in itself, but also involves the lives of many. So, when a long road drive is coming up, the drivers must not forget to check the braking response time, beforehand. They should try it out in an empty car and empty road, or in empty parking place.

This is a sincere safety requirement since every SUV will have an extra body weight that technically interferes with the braking performance. So, when there is a cabin full of people riding together, the weight multiplies, and so does the risk factor.

To avoid a topple, the drivers need to allow longer stopping distances and following distances from the cars ahead, when in a traffic cue. Before starting the journey, the driver must check out if the brake pads are firm enough and are exhibiting steady pressure.

Rounding it Up

The above mentioned test drive expert of the Buick GMC dealer Forest City finally concluded by sharing the fact that though usually SUVs are meant to be safe and reliable, they actually don’t drive the same driving mechanisms like the sedans or sport coupes. Hence it is only by following the extra safety rules, that a journey can be ensured as safe.