Things you must know for perfect driving

There are certain things your instructor will not teach you, like how to be a courteous driver and how to avoid accidentally breaking the law.

How to check tire pressure

Many motorists don’t make sure they check their tire pressures from one MOT to the next. A tire that is too flat can still be underinflated.

A poor set of tires can reduce your vehicle’s performance as well as increase fuel costs.

If you check your tire pressure while they are still cold, do it when they are. Before you embark on your journey. This will enable you to get the most precise readings. Tires that have been heated recently could give an inaccurate reading.

Keep hydrated

One of the most important items to bring on long car trips is water. It’s a good idea to have water with you in case of thirst.

Although this should be obvious, the consequences of forgetting water before a long drive can be shockingly serious.

Research has shown dehydration can have the same effect on driving as a few glasses, leaving motorists feeling dizzy, tired, and slower to respond.

How to navigate through box junctions

Traffic flows best when yellow hatched junctions are in place. Anyone who violates box junction rules can face fines.

Highway Code states that it’s illegal to stop at box junctions unless you are turning left and waiting for oncoming vehicles to pass. If you do, your exit should be clear.

It is not a smart idea to try to guess whether the vehicle in front will be able to pass you over the junction fully.

It is a good practice to only proceed if you can see the road in front of your vehicle.

Loud music

While listening to your favorite ABBA tunes at blaring volumes may seem like a great idea, it could be unsafe if other road users can’t hear you approaching emergency vehicles or cars.

If a police officer determines that you are distracted by your music you could face charges of driving with insufficient care and attention.

Also, wearing headphones is not an option. While it’s not strictly illegal to wear headphones behind your wheel you could be blocked from hearing the sirens of emergency vehicles, crossing warnings, or pedestrians coming towards your vehicle.

How to get past other cars on busy streets

We’ve all been there. When you are driving down a street with many parked cars to either side, you see another car approaching you. Now you must assess where you can safely pull into as neither of them has the right-of-way.

There is no set rule. The best practice will vary depending on the road, the speed limit, and the locations of the passing spots. You should still drive on a gradient. It is harder to pull away when you are driving uphill.

Boiling water can be applied to your windscreen

You might find it tempting to throw the kettle in and remove all that windscreen-ice from your windshields with a quick cup of boiling water on a winter morning. But, don’t do it.

Extreme temperature fluctuations (from freezing and boiling) can cause damage to the windscreen. Your vehicle will then be unsafe to drive, leaving you with a substantial bill to replace it.

Traffic control by allowing other cars into the traffic

It is not a law as to whether another motorist should be allowed into traffic. It is merely a matter of politeness.

Some drivers block motorists from pulling up in front of them. However, it is not going to impact your journey if one car lets you in. Every driver should let one car in at busy junctions to make it easier for the entire road network.

As with many tips in this guide, best practices will also help to reduce road rage. This in turn will make the road safer for all road users.

Winter: Air-con usage

On hot summer days, air-con can feel like a lifesaver. However, it can also come in handy when the temperature drops.

Condensation may form during cold weather. However, you can turn on the A/C to dehumidify your windows and clear them quickly.

It is also good for the unit, as it keeps oil moving and important components well-lubricated.

If you didn’t know any of these tips, congratulations! You are a competent driver who has a lot to offer the world.

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