Trendy Motorcycle Travel Gear and Accessories

Motorcycle gear, accessories, and gadgets are important for riding. While you might not need the gadgets if you use the bike just for within city commuting but all these things are important and essential if you go on long rides and tours. There are a lot ofimportant things but we rounded it to the trendy and essential ones. Check out the list of essential gear and accessories you should have.

Motorcycle Gear

Of course, riding the motorcycle without safety gear is uncool and unsafe. An armored leather jacket with riding pants, cool helmet and obvious motorcycle gloves with palm sliders is important. They don’t just make you look cool and pro but also is effective in case of an accident. Check the gear to make sure if it protects the elbows, shoulders, back, and knees. These are the parts most prone to abrasions and injury.

To add more to the look, you can wear a vest over the jacket or under it so you can take the jacket off once you are off the bike. These can also be used to attach different pins and patches and showcase your riding skills. Buy motorcycle vests for men and women here.

Repair Kit

A repair kit is must-have and should include a tire and tube repair kit, tire and tube repair accessories, CO2 canisters or motorized inflator, and other basic tools needed to do small repairs. Emergence can show up anywhere at any time so you must be prepared. You should know how to use the kit and make repairs or it would just be a wight you are carrying.

Motorcycle Luggage

Among all the motorcycle luggage a tank bag is must-have, either you travel or not. It provides space for important stuff like documents, phone, keys, sunscreen, etc. You should get the required luggage according to your needs for traveling like saddlebags or hard panniers, tail bags, backpacks, etc.The tank bag also lets you have your phone as a navigation system. Or you can have a GPS for navigation.

Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System

Motorcycle Bluetooth communication devices are a must for travelers and long-distance tours. They can be used for listening to music, calls, communicate with other members, and listen to the map navigations. There are many modern versions available but you can choose a cheaper one depending on your needs.

Action Camera

A Bluetooth communicator and action cam combination are an option if you want to go for it. Otherwise separate action cam like go pro is always there. They help to capture the scenic views, help you later notice what mistakes you made on the road and correct them later. Plus, they are really helpful if an accident happens to identity whose mistake it was.

Personal Power Supply

A power supply for motorcycles helps in case of emergencies and jumpstart the bike. A micro-start power supply is a good option as it holds enough power to start the bike’s engine easily. So, with this, you don’t have to wait for any other vehicle to come and help you.

Alarm Disc Lock

Bike safety is very important regardless of the location. So, you should lock the bike properly and use multiple locks. Park it in the right location avoiding dark areas and blind spots where thieves have an edge. The trendy alarm disc lock is a real kick in the back for thieves. Use more than two locks, always and one of them should be an alarm-lock.