When Can the Check Engine Light Get Turned On

Whenever the check engine light gets turned on, most of the car users start panicking. It isn’t unreasonable, as we all know that this particular light on the dashboard stands as a warning to the one who sits behind the wheel, that is a malfunctioning going on in any of the parts of the vehicle’s power front. The issue could be anything related to the ignition, fuel,exhaust systems or emissions.

But it could be as simple a reason like a loose gas cap or just a faulty oxygen sensor, it could be a loosened spark plug as well, confessed the mechanic we know who works at the Coeur d’Alene check engine light service center. But he simultaneously warns that no one should take the check engine light, lightly because it can also be indicative of something that is as severe as a faulty catalytic converter or any other major problem related to the engine. Today almost all the vehicles come with an onboard diagnostics system that ismeant to detect any engine-related problem before it starts affecting the emission control system.

What it Indicates

Generally, the check engine light that appears in wither a yellow or orange color with the outline of words reading “Check the Engine” is supposed to come on automatically for a few seconds when you start the engine for the first time and that appears along with other warning lights. But ff the light stays on, it is a plain indication of a problem.

If the check engine light starts flashing up or blinking instead of staying on continuously, it is indicative of a serious issue that needs immediate attention. The most common reasons behind the check engine light turning on can be addressed without consulting a professional, but if that don’t work, it is always recommendable to take the help of a certified mechanic instead of trying to solve it of your own.

Trying the DIY Techniques

As mentioned above, if you see the engine light turning on, staying and isn’t flashing, you can perform a few DIY techniques before you head towards an auto repair shop, or call a mechanic.

Start with tightening up the gas cap that can be one of the trigger to turn on the check engine light warning. If the light goes off after this, you save a bunch of money and hazard.

Next you can test the spark plug, the oxygen sensor or other sensor. If the issue is because of a loose spark plug or a sensor you can access, you can try replace it with a new all by yourself without the help of a mechanic or an auto repair shop.

But if all of these DIY techniques fail and the light stays on, do not delay or postpone the visit to an auto repair shop or a mechanic. As avoiding an immediate diagnosis can lead to a much more serious problem and decrease the fuel efficiency of your car, insists the mechanical head of the CDA check engine light service center.