Know these crucial tips before you store your classic car during winter

If you have a Nash Metropolitans car in good shape, you definitely want to keep it that way. Low temperatures, rain and snow are not good for an old car, so it is best to keep your classic in an enclosed area such as a garage or caravan park. Our expert has shared with us a few tips to help you prepare your car to keep it in winter. Have a contact of Garage Doors Repair Gaithersburg MD.

Washing and polishing a car are important for two reasons: the car is cleaned and the paint is given a protective coating. At first, clean your vintage car by applying a mild shampoo. Polish it until you remove all the dirt. Before storing the vehicle, it is always ideal to clean it properly.

Fuel tank and cooling system

Any metal in contact with air can rust. This also applies to fuel tanks. The fuel pump is also prone to the rust, especially for vintage cars. Do you think the fuel pump is not performing well? It would be better if you change the old fuel pump with genuine Nash metropolitan fuel pump. Even with the modern cars, the coolant tends to freeze in the metal pipes during winter. However, coolant protects your car from reaching below a temperature of -25 C. It is why you are recommended to change car’s coolant before you store it. Usually, it is changed in every two years for vintage cars. Replace it before storing the car for the winter to ensure its protection in cold temperatures.

Wheel arches and chassis

Make sure to clean the wheel arches and also the chassis of the car. It is recommended not to use high-pressure water nozzle. After water cleaning, drive the car till the engine and exhaust pipe reach the temperature where the traces of moisture disappear.

Brake and clutch system

During winter, while your car is in storage, step on the brake and clutch pedals from time to time to keep them flexible and to avoid sticking. Don’t use the handbrake. Instead put the first one. Otherwise, the brake shoes will rust on the brake disc. It is preferable to remove the battery from the car when your precious is safely in a dry and cool place, but you also have to disconnect it.

Engine and Tires

When you take your car out on the first sunny day of spring, you are not going to come out on wobbly tires. Since the car has been in one position for a few months, the tires have probably lost some air. So make sure to inflate them to a minimum of 3 bar pressure when storing the car. For good lubrication, the engine oil should be changed at least once a year. It is highly recommended to change the oil before storing the car for the winter.

With these tips you can store your classic car safely and keep it in top condition. Are you looking for classic parts at affordable prices? Kindly view this link and buy genuine parts online.